Partner Practices

As a community of pediatric dentists and orthodontists, we know we’re better together. That’s why we’re investing in clinics across the US. By providing additional support, resources, and expertise, we can help expand a clinic’s footprint and improve the patient experience for every child that walks through the door.

Partner Practices

Featured Practice: AC Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

Service Area: Greater Miami Area, FL
Number of Dentists: 12+

AC Pediatric Dentistry makes visiting the dentist fun and pleasant for children. By focusing on the patient experience, they’re able to create beautiful smiles on all of their patients’ faces. From early dental care to orthodontics and oral surgery, AC Pediatric Dentistry is able to meet the needs of all their pediatric patients.

With multiple locations across the Greater Miami Area, AC Pediatric Dentistry is committed to providing quality care to Florida pediatric patients. Their team of doctors varies in specialized dental fields to accommodate each stage of a child’s life. Just as important, they have created a fun and inviting environment where parents and children are comfortable visiting.

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From the first day I arrived at One Care, I was welcomed by my fellow colleagues with open arms and great enthusiasm. I am proud to share a work environment with professionals of their caliber. Because of this, I have been inspired to become a better person and Pediatric Dentist — always striving and reaching for continuous growth. To be able to practice in the field that you love is a blessing; to practice at One Care is a privilege!

– Dr. Lizza I. Rivera, Pediatric Dentist


Why should you become a partner?

Becoming a One Care partner is more than receiving administrative support. It gives you time back to spend with family, alleviates stress, and grants access to the tools and resources you need to work towards your professional goals. Through our partnership, we’ll work together to refine and expand your practice.

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